Thursday Workshops and Scholarly Research

Title Presenter(s) Location/Room Capacity
8:30AM – 9:30AM Know Your Instrument – A Little Better David E. Wallace Boylston, 1st Floor/160
Flor Peeters & the American   Organist Linda Patterson Tremont, 1st Floor/ 160
Organ Articulation Workshop Part I:   Freeform vs. Structured Articulation Frederick Hohman St. Botolph, 2nd Floor/150
Introduction to Jewish Music and Chant Daniel Rosensweig Clarendon/Berkeley, 3rd Floor/160
“When You Know the Notes to Sing”:   Teaching Music-Reading Skills to the Amateur Church Choir Scott Perkins Fairfield/Exeter, 3rd Floor/160
Generously sponsored by the New Haven AGO Chapter
A Golden Age: The Music of the Boston   Classicists Harold Stover Arlington, 3rd Floor/140
Learning Techniques for a Lifetime of   Music Making Christopher Cook Suffolk, 3rd Floor/120
Teaching Treble Bell Techniques Norah Piehl Wellesley, 3rd Floor/120
Hymn Playing 101 & 102: Learn the   Basics and More! Faythe Freese A & B Salon, 4th Floor/170
Harpsichord Boot Camp for Organists Margaret Irwin Brandon C & D Salon, 4th Floor/170
Choral Reading C.F. Peters Gloucester, 3rd Floor/300
ONLINE and ONCARD: Technologies at the Horizon of the AGO’s Digital Frontier Bill Valentine
Mary Stutz
Regis, 3rd Floor/70
9:00AM – 12:00PM Hook & Hastings Workshop George Bozeman
Fritz Noack
Leo Abbott
Scot Huntington
Robert Newton
Barbara Owen
Cathedral of the Holy Cross
Scholarly   Papers
8:30AM – 9:25AM Bach the TeacherBach’s Organ World Quentin Faulkner Simmons, 3rd Floor/120
Fashioned in the Sound of our Peculiar   God: Queer Theology and its Implications for Music and Liturgical Musical   Practice Sean R. Glenn Vineyard, 4th Floor/70
Gregorian Chant in the Diocese of   Turku in the 16th and 17th Centuries Jorma Hannikainen Provincetown, 4th Floor/120
9:45AM – 10:45AM The   Kotzschmar Organ: The Road to the Centennial Renovation John Bishop Boylston, 1st Floor/160
An Overview of Russian Organ Music Katya Gotsdiner-McMahan Tremont, 1st Floor/ 160
Organ Articulation Workshop Part II:   Grammatical Articulation: Making Bach Dance! Frederick Hohman St. Botolph, 2nd Floor/150
Pipe Organ Projects for Youngsters (POPs for KIDs and others) Carrol Hassman Clarendon/Berkeley, 3rd Floor/160
Generously sponsored-in-part by the Wichita AGO Chapter
Music of Integrity for Small Choirs Andrew Scanlon Fairfield/Exeter, 3rd Floor/160
Passages: Tools for   Finding Your Way Through Conflicts Tamara Makdad
Arlington, 3rd Floor/140
Repertoire by American Composers for the Beginning Organist David Heller Suffolk, 3rd Floor/120
Empowering Directors to Work with New   Ringers Norah Piehl
Back Bay Ringers
Wellesley, 3rd Floor/120
The New Editions of Bach’s Complete   Organ Works David Schulenberg
George Stauffer
A & B Salon, 4th Floor/170
The Clavichord: The Organ Teacher You   Wish You Had Henry Lebedinsky
Christa Rakich
C & D Salon, 4th Floor/170
Generously sponsored by the Greater Hartford AGO Chapter
Choral Reading E. C. Schirmer Music Gloucester, 3rd Floor/300
The Liturgical Organist: Strategies   for Supportive and Creative Service Playing Bruce Neswick Trinity Church in the City of Boston
10:00AM – 11:30AM Youth Day/James Woodman Commission James Woodman Our Lady of Victories Church
Scholarly   Papers
9:45AM – 10:40AM Pescado, Paella, Piripiri: Contrasts   of Taste in 17th Century Iberia

Recovering the Spirit of Adaptation:   Lessons from the Iberian Renaissance

André D. Lash


Chad Fothergill

Simmons, 3rd Floor/120
Ancient Materials, Modern Techniques:   New Compositional Trends in Inter-War France

Jean-Louis Florentz: Hommage à   Messiaen

Ruth Draper


Margaret Harper

Provincetown, 4th Floor/120
Extemporaneous Sublime: Indeterminacy   and Transience of the Improvised Moment

Church-Music as Somaesthetic Praxis

Zvonimir Nagy


Christoph Schlütter

Vineyard, 4th Floor/70
Bach’s Leipzig Chorales: New Thoughts   on Their Development and Function

Gregorian Chant Roots in the Music of   J. S. Bach

Daniel Aune


William Tortolano

Regis, 3rd Floor/70
11:00AM – 12:00PM Panel: Open Clinic: Come Ask Your   Questions Didier Grassin Boylston, 1st Floor/160
Presented by APOBA
The Professional Organist as   Successful Communicator David Christopher Bellville Tremont, 1st Floor/ 160
Young Organists Panel Richard Bunbury, Moderator
Chelsea Chen
Monica   Czausz
Ray Negam
Phillip Truckenbrod
St. Botolph, 2nd Floor/150
Gregorian Chant for Children’s Choirs Michael Olbash Fairfield/Exeter, 3rd Floor/160
The   Organ Music of Ned Rorem Charles Boyd Tompkins Arlington, 3rd Floor/140
Boston: The Community Hymn Sing   Festival is Alive and Well and Coming to Your Town John Sullivan
Terrie Harman
Suffolk, 3rd Floor/120
Panel   of New Music Commissions Composers Libby Larsen Wellesley, 3rd Floor/120
“Extra”   Ornamentation in Baroque Organ Music, Especially Bach Peter Sykes A & B Salon, 4th Floor/170
Resounding Beauty: The Organ Music of   Arvo  Pärt Andrew Shenton C & D Salon, 4th Floor/170
Choral Reading Paraclete Press

Dr. Robert Lau, Clinician

Gloucester, 3rd Floor/300
Master Class in Organ Craig Cramer Trinity Church in the City of Boston
Scholarly   Papers
11:00AM – 11:55am An Introduction to Early Spanish Organ   Music

The Lost Organ Temperaments of the   Renaissance, 1400-1600

Robert Parkins

Adam Rahbee

Simmons, 3rd Floor/120
The Acoustician’s Dilemma: Finding the   Right Balance of Sight & Sound Dan Clayton Provincetown, 4th Floor/120
Who Framed Bach’s Toccata? A Study in   the Sublime

Thomas Richner: Organist, Pianist, Teacher, and Composer

Jonathan B. Hall

Neal Campbell

Vineyard, 4th Floor/70
Wilhelm Middelshulte, His Life and   Works (Part 1)

Wilhelm Middelshulte, His Life and   Works (Part 2)

Brink Bush Regis, 3rd Floor/70

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