Wednesday Workshops and Scholarly Research

Title Presenter(s) Location/Room Capacity
8:30AM – 9:30AM Faith and Art: A Creative Exploration Michael Bauer Boylston, 1st Floor/160
Do Negro Spirituals Have a Place in My   Church? Genithia L. Hogges St. Botolph, 2nd Floor/150
Side Dishes for the “Hymn and Sermon”   Sandwich Paul Schnell
Rebecca Schnell
Clarendon/Berkeley, 3rd Floor/160
Stretching the Skills of Church Choirs Michael Kemp Fairfield/Exeter, 3rd Floor/160
Richard Purvis Centennial: Character,   Compositions, Contributions, and Controversies James Welch Arlington, 3rd Floor/140
POEs Growing and Changing Andrew Peters
Nicole Marane
Suffolk, 3rd Floor/120
Accompanying the Divine: Dramatic   Improvisation in Liturgy and Silent Film Peter Krasinski Wellesley, 3rd Floor/120
Glorious Praise: Praise Music Grows Up   in the Digital Age Cheryl Duerr
The Attleboro Covenant Praise Team
A & B Salon, 4th Floor/170
The Rise and Fall of E. M. Skinner Jonathan Ambrosino C & D Salon, 4th Floor/170
AGO   Regional Convention Coordinators Mark Babcock Brandies, 3rd Floor/44
Choral Reading Selah Publishing Company Gloucester, 3rd Floor/300
Jazz Influenced Service Music of Joe   Utterback Joe Utterback
Andrew Shenton
Trinity Church in the City of Boston
Scholarly   Papers
8:30AM – 9:25AM The Hymns of Charles Albert Tindley   and Roberta Martin

The Road Less Taken: Charles Winfred   Douglas and the Episcopal Chant Revival

Victor V. Bobetsky

Gregg Redner

Simmons, 3rd Floor/120
  The Organ Chorale Preludes of Ethel   Smyth

Suite   No. 1 for Organ by Florence Price –   a Fusion of Many Elements

Sarah M. Moon

Mary Ann Hamilton

Provincetown, 4th Floor/120
Rethinking Dupré

The Feminine Aesthetic in the Organ   Compositions of Rolande Falcinelli

Thomas Chase

Lenore Alford

Vineyard, 4th Floor/70
Sound Theology: The Organ at the Time   of the Reformation

The Relative Intensity of Organ Stops

Randall Engle

Don Cook

Regis, 3rd Floor/70
9:45 AM – 10:45AM The Complete Organ Music of Nicholas   de Grigny James David Christie
Wayne Leupold
Boylston, 1st Floor/160
Voluntaries Rediscovered Andrew Scanlon Tremont, 1st Floor/ 160
Relaxing and Maintaining Calm in the Midst of Stress David Christopher Bellville St. Botolph, 2nd Floor/150
Engaging the 21st Century with the Oldest Organ Music Kimberly Marshall Clarendon/Berkeley, 3rd Floor/160
Generously sponsored by the Central Arizona AGO Chapter
Beginning a Children’s Choir   in Your Church or Community Tamara Rozek Fairfield/Exeter, 3rd Floor/160
Alexander   Guilmant Aspects of Life and Work Hans U. Hielscher Arlington, 3rd Floor/140
Conversations and Legacies: Exploring   American Organ Pedagogy Through Oral History Ann Marie Rigler Suffolk, 3rd Floor/120
Sure-Fire Practice Techniques! Faythe Freese Wellesley, 3rd Floor/120
Kotzschmar 4 Kids: A Collaborative Curriculum for Organists and Schools Ray Cornils A & B Salon, 4th Floor/170
Panel   American Composers:
Searle   Wright

Larry   King

Clarence   Mader
Moderator: Peter Krasinski
Andrew Kotylo
James Simms
Cherry Rhodes
Jacob Benda
C & D Salon, 4th Floor/170
Choral Reading Hinshaw Music Gloucester, 3rd Floor/300
Gospel Choir Mark Miller Brandeis, 3rd Floor/44
Master class on Louis Vierne’s Symphony No. 3 in F-sharp minor, Op. 28 Renée Anne Louprette Trinity Church in the City of Boston
Scholarly   Papers
9:45AM – 10:40AM A New Evaluation of Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern, BVW   739

Peter Pelham and Charles Pachelbel:   New England’s Immigrant Organists

Tom Mueller

Joseph Butler

Simmons, 3rd Floor/120
Discovering the Dramatic Essence of   Liszt’s Prelude and Fugue on B.A.C.H.

Mozart’s Fantasie, K.608 and its Performance: Beyond the Spieluhr

Lars Gjerde

Jane Schatkin Hettrick

Provincetown, 4th Floor/120
Early Music in the Modern Church: What   Can We Do?

Christoph Graupner and the Baroque   Church Cantata

Elizabeth Clark

René Schmidt

Vineyard, 4th Floor/70
The Chant – Based Organ Works of Flor   Peeters

Gregorian Chant: Bridge-Builder to   Ecumenism

Linda S. Patterson

Armand J. DiScenna

Regis, 3rd Floor/70

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