Youth Day, Thursday June 26


Our Lady of Victories Church

Our Lady of Victories Church

10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Our Lady of Victories Church

27 Isabella Street, Boston

 Thursday June 26th is “Youth Day” for music students through High School age, and is free, with parental permission.. This day includes a workshop with composer James Woodman and his new music commissions for the organ, concerts in the afternoon, open console time at Trinity Church, and a closing ceremony with AGO Executive Director, James Thomashower

New Music Premiere: “Eight Little Harmonies and Counterpoints” for Organ, James Woodman


10:00 workshop by Cambridge Composer James Woodman at Our Lady of Victories Church


1:30 Concert: Choice of three different Rising Star venues

3:30 Competition Finals: National Competition in Organ Improvisation and National Young Artists Competition in Organ Performance

5:00 Open Console: Play the organ at Trinity Church!

6:00 Closing at Trinity Church
The program is free for Students through High School, with parental permission.

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