Tuesday Workshops and Scholarly Research

Title Presenter(s) Location/Room   Capacity
3:00PM   – 4:00PM Vocal Hints for Healthful Choral Singing Kathleen Grammer Boylston,   1st Floor/160
Jazz   and Gospel on the Hammond Organ David   Limina Tremont,   1st Floor/ 160
Practical   Hymn-based Music for Organ and Instruments Joseph   Burgio St.   Botolph, 2nd Floor/150
The   Boston Classicists and Organ Music in the Gilded Age Barbara   Owen Clarendon/Berkeley,   3rd Floor/160
Generously sponsored by the Merrimack Valley AGO Chapter
Purpose   Beyond Performance Tom   Trenney Fairfield/Exeter,   3rd Floor/160
Generously sponsored by the Lincoln AGO Chapter
An Analytical Approach to Organ Case Design Didier   Grassin Arlington,   3rd Floor/140
Dig   Your AGO Chapter Out of the Ditch David Lamb Suffolk,   3rd Floor/120
Who’s in Charge, Anyway? Nicole   Keller
Brian   Suntken
Wellesley,   3rd Floor/120
Advanced Choral Conducting 1 Ann   Howard Jones A & B Salon, 4th Floor/170
Music   in Catholic Church Liturgy:  Vatican II   to current trends Kevin   J. N. Galiè C & D Salon, 4th Floor/170
Choral   Reading Morningstar Music Publishers Gloucester,   3rd Floor/300
Gospel   Choir Rehearsal Mark   Miller Brandeis, 3rd Floor/44
New   Organ Music Reading Session Wayne   Leupold Trinity   Church in the City of Boston
Scholarly Papers
3:00PM   – 4:00PM Reverberation   Characteristics of Architectural   Spaces: Touching Mystery

Hyperorgan   Technology, Augmented Reality, and the Triumph of Acoustic Music

Bruce   Wheatcroft

Randall Harlow

Simmons,   3rd Floor/120
Illuminations   of the Beyond: Messiaen’s Last Concert at La Trinité

God   Among Us: A Theological Analysis of Olivier Messiaen’s La Nativité

Vincent   P. Benitez

Melissa M. Plamann

Provincetown,   4th Floor/120
Tournemire’s   Improvisation on Victimae Paschali:   Audio vs. Transcription

Practical   Aspects of Teaching Tournemire’s Improvisatory Style

Kirsten   Rutschman

Anne  Labounsky

Vineyard,   4th Floor/70
Blending   the Popular and the Profound: Organ Concerts at the Chicago World’s Fair

Performing   Organ Works on the   Bayan Accordion

Annie   Laver

Marko   Petricic

Regis,   3rd Floor/70
4:15PM   – 5:15PM The   Young Organist Collaborative – Attracting Youth to the Organ Bruce   Adami Boylston,   1st Floor/160
Stars   and Pipes Forever: Organ Works for National Days Wayne   L. Wold Tremont,   1st Floor/ 160
Generously sponsored by the Central Maryland AGO Chapter
Improvisation   Pedagogy: Sustainable Musicianship Pamela   Ruiter-Feenstra St.   Botolph, 2nd Floor/150
The Organ as Teacher: The Legacy of   Performance Pedagogy at Old West Margaret   Angelini, Moderator Clarendon/Berkeley,   3rd Floor/160
Rehearsal   Techniques and Repertoire for Choirs of Boys and Girls Richard   Webster Fairfield/Exeter,   3rd Floor/160
Shape-Note Singing: American’s Early Music Thomas B. Malone Wellesley,   3rd Floor/120
Inspired   Service Playing: How to Move From Here to There Joyce   Shupe Kull Suffolk,   3rd Floor /120
Pipe   Organs: Information, Acquisition and Care. Presented by APOBA Ed   Odell
Matthew   Bellocchio
Arlington,   3rd Floor/140
Advanced Choral Conducting 2 Ann   Howard Jones A & B Salon, 4th Floor/170
Panel:   Future of the Organ in Contemporary Worship Joseph Scolastico, Moderator
Ed Broms
Richard Clark
Bernadette D. Colley
Doug Wilson
C & D Salon, 4th Floor/170
Choral   Reading Augsburg Fortress Gloucester,   3rd Floor/300
Heart,   Soul, Strength & Mind: Interpretation and Performance of Romantic   Repertoire Janette   Fishell Trinity   Church in the City of Boston
Scholarly Papers
4:15PM   – 5:10PM Organ   Music of Günther Schuller

Algorithms   and Other Sacred Systems: Cage-ian Concepts in Music Liturgy

Aaron   Sunstein

Brian   Parks

Simmons,   3rd Floor/120
Expressive   Qualities of Mode in  André Raison’s Premier   Livre d’Orgue

Bouquet   on the Skyscraper: Bach’s Ornamentation and our Era

Neil   Cockburn

Sebestyén   Nyíro

4th Floor/120
Teaching   Sacred Music at Public Universities

Teaching   Pre-College Organ Students: Methods of the 21st Century

Jonathan   Jakob Hehn

Elena   Paradies

Vineyard,   4th Floor/70
Eisaburo   Kioka (1895-1982): The First Japanese Organist in New England

The   “Version” Problem in Bach’s Preludes   and Fugues for Organ

Mariko   Morita

David   Schulenberg

Regis,   3rd Floor/70

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