The Hymns of Charles Albert Tindley and Roberta Martin

The Hymns of Charles Albert Tindley and Roberta Evelyn Martin


Both The Reverend Charles Albert Tindley (1851–1933), a musically untrained preacher, and Roberta Evelyn Martin (1907–1969), a classically trained concert pianist, were fascinating individuals and very much products of their times. Their hymns hold special meaning and significance for the African American community. This paper summarizes, describes, and compares Tindley’s and Martin’s overall musical styles and historical significance.

Victor Bobetsky

Victor Bobetsky

Victor V. Bobetsky is associate professor and director of the Teacher Education Program in Music at Hunter College (City University of New York). His career has included work as a choral director, concert pianist, organist, and public school music teacher and supervisor. Five different publishing houses publish his choral arrangements, and his articles have been published in several peer-refereed journals. He has presented numerous workshops for professional organizations and recently coordinated a symposium held at Hunter College on the origins and history of the song We Shall Overcome.