Advertise in the Program Book

The Convention Book distributed to each participant is a unique opportunity for advertising. This book will be a source of information all along the week, giving not only venues and times, but also descriptions of venues and organs, program notes, bios and more. It will be the handy reference of each day.

Because of the wealth of information that they provide, AGO Convention books tend to be bulky. In order to avoid carrying such heavy book (or worse leaving it in the hotel room), the 2014 Book is split in five booklets of less than 100 pages each which will be easy to carry through the street of Boston, each booklet addressing a day or so of the Convention.

Printing will be a mix of two-color and full color pages leading to a greater impact for full color pages. The split in booklets also opens to the opportunity of many more cover pages with high exposure.



Full color inside and back covers


Note that exhibitors benefit from a 10% discount on advertising.

Full color inside page


 Two-color inside page


Two-color 1/2 page


Two-color 1/4 page


Two-color Business card



You can book your advertising space by downloading the form here (Word format).

You can download the technical specifications (format, size, etc.) here (PDF file).

If you have any question, please contact here our Program Book Chair, Didier Grassin.

Deadline for submitting the camera-ready material  is January 31, 2014.