Directions Marriott to Harvard Square Venues


5:15 pm

Allow 40 minutes for total travel time

Directions from Marriott Hotel to Harvard Square

30 minutes

As you exit Marriott Hotel, turn RIGHT.  Continue on Stuart St. (behind Westin Hotel) to Dartmouth St.  Cross Dartmouth St. and turn RIGHT.  You will see the T Back Bay Station one block ahead.  Enter the Station and take the INBOUND Orange Line T in the direction of Oak Grove.  Go 3 stops to Downtown Crossing.  Change trains:  Take the Red Line INBOUND toward Park St. and Alewife.  Go five stops to Harvard.

Directions from Harvard Square to St. Paul Church

7 minutes from Harvard Square T station

Turn LEFT as you exit the Red Line train and use the Harvard Square exit.  You will be facing the Harvard Coop; turn completely (180 degrees) around (Coop will be behind you).  Cambridge Savings Bank will be on your right.  Walk away from The Coop along the right-hand side of Massachusetts Av. (the brick walls of Harvard Yard will be across  Mass. Av. on your left).  Continue to Bow St.  Turn RIGHT onto Bow St. You will see St. Paul Church ahead at the corner of Bow and Arrow Sts.

Directions from Harvard Square to Harvard Memorial Church  

5 minutes from Harvard Square T stop

Turn RIGHT as you leave the train and use the Church St/Harvard Yard exit.  At the T entrance, turn LEFT and go upstairs.  Go through the wrought iron Johnson Gate into Harvard Yard.  Directly ahead you will see a large granite building with a statue of John Harvard in front.  Walk to the LEFT side of this building and take the curved path to the left.  You will see the Memorial Church spire and the front entrance with four large brown pillars.