Directions to Symphony Hall


7:00 – 9:30 pm

Directions from Marriott Hotel to Symphony Hall

10 minutes

As you exit Marriott Hotel, turn LEFT on Huntington Av.  Walk straight ahead on Huntington Av.  Symphony Hall is at the intersection of Huntington Av. and Mass. Av.


Directions from Harvard Square to Symphony Hall

45 minutes

Return to Harvard T station.  Take any INBOUND train (Braintree or Ashmont) 4 stops to Park St.  Change to the Green Line WESTBOUND and take the E train (Heath St.) 5 stops to Symphony. NB:  There are 4 Green Line Westbound lines, but only the E Line goes to Symphony.  Be sure to use the E train in the direction of Heath St.



Allow 1 hour for this bus ride

Take #1 Dudley bus from Harvard Square to  Symphony Hall.  This bus is very slow, but it is a direct route.  In Harvard Square, the #1 Bus Stop is at the sidewalk outside Harvard Yard’s Johnson Gate.  As you leave Harvard Yard through Johnson Gate, turn RIGHT.  The #1 Bus Stop will be ahead on the right.