Exhibit Orders

For questions on becoming an exhibitor, please contact Ed Odell at exhibits@agoboston2014.org

Exhibit Regulations

Order Form

Demo Rooms Map

Exhibit Hall Map

GES Exhibitor Services Manual 

Above are five documents:

  • Our exhibits regulations document with all relevant information,
  • The order form,
  • The map of the demo rooms
  • Map of the exhibit hall as it will be set up by GES at the Marriott Copley Square
  • The GES Exhibitor Services Manual

Please take time to review these, most especially the regulations document, because that document sets out terms that you as exhibitors will be bound to once you submit your orders.


Orders will be accepted after — and not before — 9am  EST, Tuesday, October 15.  Orders submitted before 9am EST will not be processed and you will have to re-submit.

Orders may be submitted electronically either by faxing to 503-212-8541 or emailing Thomas Hagerth at: thagerth@odellorgans.com.  Consistent with AGO policy, spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, based either on the time stamp of the email submission or the fax transmission.  As we are processing a large number of initial orders, it may be a day or two before you receive your booth assignment.  When you receive that assignment, you will also be given a link the the GES client side website where you can order services and make arrangements for advance shipping.  You will also receive a special registration code for use on the convention website.   If for some reason none of your booth choices are available, you will be contacted as soon as possible and presented with options.  Will will make every effort to allocate space with equanimity and honor your requests.


Premium Booths

Please note that we have 30 premium booth spaces available, which are demarcated with a yellow highlight on the map.  These spaces — which are proximal to high-traffic and high-visibility areas — will command an additional fee of $150 per booth over our regular pricing.  Our order form will allow you to make first, second and third choices for regular and premium spaces.



Payment must be made by check as stated in the forms, and must be rendered within 14 days of submission of your order in order to keep your booth allocation.


Other items you should note at this time:

Didier Grassin is the editor of the official convention program book.  As exhibitors, you are entitled to a 10% discount on any print advertising in that publication.  Interested parties should contact Mr. Grassin by  via email at programbook.ago2014.boston@gmail.com

Trevor Pollack is our steering committee member responsible for gifts and grants.  There are many sponsorship opportunities available that will enhance your visibility at this convention.  You may contact Mr. Pollack at give@agoboston2014.org